Sunday, December 18, 2011

practical @ Hospital Zoo Negara

location : Hospital Zoo Negara

Thursday, December 15, 2011

new babies

wohooo i got 5 new babies, actually i'm sharing with my sister in law, huihuihui 5 is too many, i already have like 6 cats. but they are all domestic cat, but these babies are Persian yawww.

rotate kepala 90 darjah please, sorry laptop sucks, nak rotate picture pun susah. hikhik

p/s: i wish you know how badly you hurt me.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

follow me on Twitter

look at my sexy Twitter background. aummmm.

follow me guys, just type ns azha, i'll be the one wearing Liverpool's sweater. well at least for now. :D

Happy Sunday. #hugsandkisses

Saturday, December 10, 2011

baby Maya and Meows

Maya gave birth to 5, errr 8 babies? I'm not sure because too many of them died. Maya is not a good mummy as Luna was. Well this is their first time, so it is acceptable. So today mark (10/12/12), only left with one baby only, which is super cute, like cow. Hehe And Maya loves her one and only baby so much. No name yet because the gender is still unknown.

and my new kitties,

happy weekend, yes today i skipped my work. who are you, my mum? even my own mother told me to take one day off. :D

okay bye mean people.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Like We Used To

A Rocket To The Moon - Like We Used To

i love this song, long back. i used to listen to it every day, without fail. but now, this song seems to be too sad for me to handle. hence, i'm sharing one of my favorite song with you.

been snowed under with works at the hospital, keeping myself busy 24/7, distracting myself, trying to survive in this cold world.

wish me luck please.

X, ns

Sunday, December 4, 2011

back to December

oh, it's already December, last month of 2011, how time flies. It's been a while since my last post, i've been busy with works, yes, i said works, real dirty works. Hehe i've started my industrial training a.k.a practical for my final semester of my Diploma, i chose to do my practical at Zoo Negara Hospital. Yes, ZOO HAS HOSPITAL OKAY. DON'T BE SO STUPID PEOPLE. *referring to myself*
well, my practical duration is from 24th November 2011 until 14th February 2012. So long meh. Me no likey. So yeah, it's been almost 2 weeks now, and all i can say is I HATE IT. I HATE IT WITH ALL MY HEART AND MY SOUL.

For my first day, i already bathed and treated the Borneo Orang Utan, treated the Tapir, not much for my first day. On my second and so on days, so far i've treated (with other trainees of course), we've treated all kinds of animals such as, Binturong, Hyena, Lion, Tiger, Bear, Goat, Cat, Monkey, Wallaby, Antelope etc. I even did an autopsy on Antelope. The smell was indescribable. FULLSTOP. We even clustered the cats there, at first i didn't want to get involved, but my Supervisor was there so i had to act professional. HAHA but it wasn't as bad as i thought. I'm working 5 1/2 days a week, half day on Saturday and off day on Sunday WITH NO SALARY AT ALL. I REPEAT. NO SALARY. AT ALL. NONE., 8AM to 5PM.

and on my second week of working as animal slave, i had caught with high fever, flu, bodyache, headache, not in a good shape at the moment and i got MC for 2 days. BLISSFUL. I LOVE IT. Too straight forward? well, honesty is the best policy. Hehe

oh, my Supervisors are, Doctor Naim and Doctor Blanca, but Dr Naim rarely at the office as he is the Head of the Hospital, sp Dr Blanca is the one who supervise us, she's mexican and can't speak or understand malay at all. YES. NOT AT ALL., other trainees ; 3 Africans, 1 Chinese, 1 Sarawakian + Chinese, lets just say, i only speak malay when i'm at home now. It's not a big problem actually but sometimes it's hard for me to understand what my supervisor is saying because her English with Mexican accent, she has to repeat twice whenever she's talking to me. Sorry Dr, i no speak Americano. Hehe

So, there you go, can't wait to finish my practical because i hate it. I do love animals, they are adorable. But the fact that i have to work like a real veterinar, with no salary, all the tiredness, smelly-ness, hotness, for 3 months, tell me, who can handle that?

the surgery room.

the cage (ward) for sick animals (quarantine)

more pictures soon, i promise.

Btw, Maya gave birth on 20/11/2011, now left two babies, others died.

p/s: incase you were wondering how an antelope and binturong or other animals look like, go google their name okay. Hehe

So, have a good life people. Wear condoms. LOL