Friday, November 18, 2011

TGI Friday's

Thank God It's Friday ? Well, thank God for all the -days man, not just Fridays. Whatttt? So yeah, had a birthday-dinner at TGIF, Wangsa Walk last Friday, haha coincidence? Yup it was actually. It was for my birthday and i was craving for a good steak, and this was the first time i ate here, sad? No. Because i personally think it wasn't worth it, unlike Chillis, Chillis is better i think. The prices are quite resemble but the portion of food is much bigger. I say, TGIF is over-rated. Hehe

you can choose how you like your steak to be, I had Sirloin Steak - medium well, mushroom sauce, with chips and mashed potato, so did my brothers, copy cats.

appetizer - 1. boneless wings 2-fried mac and cheese

my mum's -black pepper chicken

my brother's, same thing as mine with different side dishes

Mine, Sirloin Steak, hah, cheapskate man.

desserts, nyummmmyyy. mini chocolate orea mint crunch and snickers treats with ice cream .

happy tummy yeah but will not eat here again

beverages? haha no picture, k bye.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Theo and Benzema

finally, i named two of my baby bunnies, another one still nameless, hehe

people, meet

BABY THEO (as "Theo Walcott", he's so cute and chocolate, hence the name)

BABY BEN (as "Karim Benzema" also as a tribute to Ben, my late cat, because he's white, like polar bear) LOL

okay bye.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011




Friday, November 11, 2011

omnomnom :D @IKEA

dapat jugak makan .....

IKEA's meatballs, daim almond cake dengan chicken breast with apa tah nama dia. hehe

total : RM30++ totally worth it. dah lama tak makan sebenarnya, mengidam. haha

happy tummy = happy face :)

Friday, November 4, 2011

baby bunnies

hello semua orang. *bunyi cengkerik*

kisah pulak i. hihi oh i lupa nak bagitahu, Luna the rabbit beranak 4 ekor anak on 20/10/11, tapi yang sedihnya seekor mati jadinya tinggal 3 ekor je, tapi okay lah, Luna first time beranak and i don't even know she was pregnant. HAHA

Luna yang warna putih + oren tu

baby rabbit masa umur seminggu, macam anak babi pun ada kan. euww

salah seekor anak Luna (2 minggu)

so this week dah masuk minggu ke 3 and let me tell you, arnab memang cepat membesar, like seriously, even i pun terkejut masa tengok baby rabbit and Luna sekali dah boleh melompat, and maybe because of Luna is Lion Head + Anggora, so baby rabbit pun bulu cepat tumbuh, and now.......


tak ada nama lagi untuk dorang sebab tak tahu macam mana nak tengok jantan ke betina masa baby ni. hihi

okay thats all. bye semua orang.